count [1] VERB 1) determine the total number of. 2) recite numbers in ascending order. 3) take into account; include. 4) regard or be regarded as possessing a quality or fulfilling a role: people she had counted as her friends. 5) be significant; matter: it's the thought that counts. 6) (count on/upon) rely on. 7) (count in or out) include (or not include) in a planned activity. 8) (count down) recite numbers backwards to zero to indicate remaining time, especially before the launch of a rocket. 9) (count out) complete a count of ten seconds over (a fallen boxer) to indicate defeat.
NOUN 1) an act of counting. 2) the total determined by counting. 3) a point for discussion or consideration. 4) Law a separate charge in an indictment.
count the days (or hours) — Cf. ↑count the hours
keep (or lose) count — Cf. ↑lose count
don't count your chickens before they're hatched — Cf. ↑don't count your chickens before they're hatched
out for the count — Cf. ↑out for the count
DERIVATIVES countable adjective.
ORIGIN Old French counter, from Latin computare 'calculate' .
count [2] NOUN a foreign nobleman whose rank corresponds to that of an earl.
ORIGIN Old French conte, from Latin comes 'companion, attendant' .

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